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Butterfly Holidays

We are delighted that a growing number of wildlife tour companies offer specialised butterfly watching holidays in Europe. As the European Butterflies Group, we are obviously keen to encourage this and many of our members and others are interested to go on such trips.

Such holidays are not only great fun, but encourage interest in butterflies, provide valuable identification training and also often produce some very interesting records. We encourage all tour companies undertaking such butterfly tours to submit their records to the appropriate National/Local Butterfly Recording scheme in each country. Some companies, notably Naturetrek and Greenwings, use these holidays to raise funds and then make a welcome donation to support Butterfly Conservation.

We are keen to make this listing as comprehensive as possible. Many companies offering butterfly holidays in Europe are included but we are aware that the list is not complete. Please contact me at European Butterflies Group if you offer such holidays and would like to be listed.

Martin Davies

British Bulgarian Society www.bulgariatours.co.uk

Butterflies & Moths Tours in Bulgaria | Moths/Butterflies Bulgaria (bulgariatours.co.uk)

Greentours www.greentours.co.uk

Greenwings Wildlife Holidays https://greenwings.co/


Mariposa Nature Tours www.mariposanature.com


Naturetrek www.naturetrek.co.uk


Neophron Tours www.neophrontours.bg

Pandion Wild Tours Birdwatching, Wildlife, Nature Holidays in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe (birdwatchingholidays.com)

The Travelling Naturalist www.naturalist.co.uk


Wild Echo www.wildechotours.com/en

Butterflies and moths tours to Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece (wildechotours.com)

Wildlife Travel www.wildlife-travel.co.uk

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