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Links to Butterfly and Butterfly and Moth websites.

The sites below are either in English, or contain an English version, unless indicated otherwise. Sites of particular interest are shown with an asterisk (*). Additional links can be found on the European Butterflies Group country pages. Please contact Jude at links@european-butterflies.org.uk if you know of sites that might be of interest to European Butterflies Group members.

European Butterflies Group is a branch of Butterfly Conservation
Butterfly Conservation Europe
Organisation focused on halting and reversing the decline of butterflies, moths and their habitats, throughout Europe.

euroButterflies (Matt Rowlings - European Butterflies Group) *
Very comprehensive site with many photos of 90% of European species, significant forms and sub- species.

Guy Padfield's European Butterfly Page (Guy Padfield) *
Systematic list of species by scientific names and by photos. Good set of photos, with country and date.

European Butterflies: A Portrait in Photographs (Bernard Watts - European Butterflies Group) *
The site covers all European butterflies, including many pictures of each species from its whole European range, to illustrate geographical variation, forms and subspecies. Comprehensive text; analysis of wing-patterns; critique of identification features; some downloads.

IUCN (Europe)
http://www.iucn.org/about/union/secretariat/offices/europe/resources/publications/?5367/ European-Red-List-of-Butterflies
European Red List of Butterflies.

Lepiforum: Bestimmung von Schmetterlingen (Lepidoptera) und ihren Präimaginal stadien [Lepiforum : Determination of butterflies [and moths] (Lepidoptera) and their pre-imaginal stages] * (Language: German)
Species pages for all European butterflies and moths, almost all illustrated with photos of adults (sometimes many) and in many cases other life stages. Help with identification. Forum to ask questions and get help with ID.

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa (Paolo Mazzei, Daniel Morel and Raniero Panfili) *
This site provides an increasingly comprehensive photographic coverage of European and North African Lepidoptera. There are species pages for most European butterflies and macro-moths and an increasing number of micro-moths, well illustrated with photographs of adults and often immature stages. The site is constantly being added to by many contributors. Species are listed by families, as well as alphabetically by both scientific and common names. Good thumbnail series for each family. Host plants given.

Schmetterlinge und ihre Ökologie (Wolfgang Wagner) *
[Butterflies [and moths] and their ecology]
Covers many European butterflies and macro moths. Excellent photos with many species having photos of all life stages as well as adults. Information on host plants, habitats, life cycle, distribution and conservation status for all species represented.

Lepidoptera and some other life forms: Lepidoptera (Markku Savela - Finland) *

European butterflies and moths (Christopher Jonko) *
Photos of all stages. European country lists. Species pages. Distribution. Life stages phenology.
Very useful converter to find UTM grid square from Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

European butterflies and moths *
The site has all the MEB distribution maps, under the LepiDiv Projekt:

Josef Settele is the main contact.

Uk Butterflies (Peter Eeles) *
A comprehensive site covering mainly British Butterflies which has a forum and articles that also covers European Butterflies.

Lepidoptera Gallery. Lepidoptera of Catalonia (Spain), Bulgaria, France & Germany. (Matthew Gandy)
The site reflects the main localities that Matthew has surveyed, so far in Europe, also the UK.
His new book “Moth” is due to be published in May 2016.

Butterflies of Europe (Vlad Dinca - Romania)
Site under construction. So far only species pages for skippers with photographs.

De Vliderstichting (Dutch Butterfly Conservation)
Conservation of butterflies, moths and dragonflies. Systematic list.

Europaische Schmetterlinge (Mario Maier - Germany)


European Commission (Natura 2000)
Stretching over 18 % of the EU’s land area and almost 6 % of its marine territory, it is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world.

Wildlife Illustrator Richard Lewington

Photography of European Butterflies and Moths (Bernard Fransen)
Photos of butterflies and moths in their natural environment.

Schmetterlinge Europas [Butterflies of Europe]
http://www.lepidoptera.ch/ (Language: German)Photos of food plants with species associated with them.

Vlaamse Verenigingvoor Entomologie [Flemish Entomological Society. Phegea]
PDF files of all copies of journal 1973-2014.

Landesdatenbank Schmetterlinge Baden-Württembergs am Staatlichen Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe
[National database butterflies in Baden-Württemberg at the National Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe]
http://www.schmetterlinge-bw.de/ (Language: German)

Carcharodus-Projekt (Martin Albrecht)
Covers 8 species of Carcharodus that Martin is studying in several disparate European countries.

Michels Schmetterlinge (Michael Zepf)
(Michel’s butterflies and macro-moths includes some microlepidoptera)
http://www.michels-schmetterlinge.de (Language: German)
Alphabetical scientific list by species (not genus), linked to species pages which are well populated with photos (with place and date). In some cases photos of early stages.

Anything but common (Peter Groenendijk)
Photos of European butterflies.

PTK Butterflies (Paul Kipling)
A relatively new site, of European butterfly images, for art and identification.

Butterflies of Europe
Part of: Learn about Butterflies - the complete guide to the world of butterflies and moths.
Excellent information on the ecology of individual species

Butterflies & Moths of Palaearctic Regions (Heiner Ziegler)
http://www.euroleps.ch/index.php (Language: German)

Butterfly portraits  (John Green - European Butterflies Group)
2,300 photographs are included of over 225 species, a majority of them found in the south of France.  John has a selection of what he considers his most pleasing photographs in the 'Best of Portraits' sections.

Fluturat e Shqipërisë - Butterflies of Albania
https://biodiversity.unitir.edu.al/index.html (Language: English)
This new website was launched on the 30th October 2023. The mission of the website is to provide a complete overview about the butterflies of Albania, to provide the latest butterfly news and butterfly Atlas information. Information, observation data, photographs, questions and comments welcome. Sylvain Cuvelier and Anila Paparisto . The website is hosted by the Universiteti i Tiranës.
Butterfly Conservation Armenia
Information on the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme in Armenia, butterfly species, Prime Butterfly Areas.
Schmetterlinge im Österreichs (Andreas Pospisil)
[Butterflies of Austria](Language: German)
Photos of many Austrian butterflies. Early stages of many species also illustrated (complete series for some species). A few macro-moths also illustrated with some photos of early stages. Ordered systematically and by flight-time. Also includes photos of a small selection of other insects.

Lepidoptera of Belgium (Chris Steeman)
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium. Flemish Entomological Society.

Butterflies in the Benelux (Frits Bink and Rosita Moenen)
Online version of the book Butterflies in the Benelux.
Site for leaf mining Lepidoptera.
http://www.bladmineerders.be (Language: Dutch)

BiodiversiteWallonie [The Butterflies of Wallonie]
http://biodiversite.wallonie.be/fr/papillons.html?IDC=797 (Language : French)

Les Papillons de Jour du Grand Site (Jean Delacre)
http://fr.calameo.com/read/002776460d2aa3e6d3435 (Language: French)
Les Papillons de Jour du Grand Site Interęt Biologique 1372 Crestia – Haie Gabaux – Trou des Gattes - Doische, Province de Namur, Belgique.
Online book (235 pages) of the sites, by the sites conservation officer, Jean Delacre.
Also by Jean Delacre
Euphydryas aurinia. Study of Euphydrya saurinia in the Wallonie.
http://www.jdelacre.be/Jean/Aurinia.html (Language: French)

The Butterflies and Moths of Bulgaria (Nick Greatorex-Davies - UK - European Butterflies Group) *
Site under development. Systematic list of Lepidoptera of Bulgaria (incomplete). Species pages for all Bulgaria butterflies and many macro and micro-moths. Most butterfly species pages populated with photos. Photos of young stages of a few species. Some habitat photos. Maps based on (Google Earth) showing distribution of butterflies from tour records since 2003 (so far only 2012 and 2013 data included).

Bulgaria Butterflies (Nikolay Schtinkov) *
Systematic species list that links to species pages with photos of the adults of over 200 of the 214 Bulgarian species. Not more than 3 photos per species. Photos with site and date taken.

See under Spain:
Butterflies and moths of Spain (Includes whole of Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic islands and the Canary islands).

Anexo: Mariposas diurnas de Canarias [Butterflies of the Canaries]
http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Mariposas_diurnas_de_Canarias (Language: Spanish)
Species in systematic order. Photos of most species. Links to other Wikipedia pages for information on individual species

БАБОЧКИ КРЫМА [Lepidoptera of the Crimea] (Vladimir Savchuk)
http://www.lepidoptera.crimea.ua/  (Language: Russian)
Photograph gallery in systematic order of the butterflies and moths of the Crimea. All species listed by family. Good quality photos (often multiple) of many species (including young stages in many cases), though still many gaps especially among the microlepidoptera.

Butterflies of Cyprus (Eddie John - UK - European Butterflies Group) *
Checklist of species. Information on, and photographs of, all existent species. Details of the recording scheme. List of publications.

ABLE - Field Guide to the Butterflies of Cyprus.
Field Guide
An ABLE produced guide on the 48 most common butterfly species in Cyprus.
Czech Society for Butterfly and Moth Conservation (SOM)

See under Scandinavia:
Butterflies from Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) (Lars Andersen). (Language: Danish)

Velkommentil Lepidopterologisk Forening [Lepidopterist Society, Denmark]

Dansk Entomologisk Forening [Danish Entomological Society]

Finnish Butterflies *
Photos (set and live) Very good quality. Species pages and european distribution.

Finnish Butterflies (Esko Viitanen)

Finnish butterflies and macro-moths
Finnish Lepidopterist Society

Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera (Kimmo Silvonen)

Kuvia ja havaintoja perhosista (Pertti Pakkanen)
Photographs and sightings of butterflies. Pictures and news about butterflies and moths in Finland

Finnish lepidoptera Wiki

Raakkila [Olavi Niemi's lepidoptera photos]
Photo Gallery

Butterflies of France (Roger Gibbons - UK - European Butterflies Group) *
Species list. Excellent photographs. Identification of the more difficult species.

Lepi’Net - Les Carnets du Lépidoptériste Français (Philippe Mothiron) *
http://www.lepinet.fr/lep/ (Language: French)
Excellent photos of butterflies and moths (not micros). Distribution maps and departmental lists.

Filming VarWild: Life cycle of butterflies in Provence (Pieter and Brigitte Kan) *
Excellent set of photos and videos. Youtube channel.

Fleeting wonders – butterflies and burnets of France (Philippe Bricaire) *
Species list. Photo galleries of each species.

Butterflies of the Rhône (Timothy Cowles) *
Butterflies of the Rhône department of France. Species list. Good set of photos for each species.

Diatheo (Tristran Lafranchis) *
http://diatheo.weebly.com/(Language: French)
Books, articles and videos. Distribution maps for France.

MNHN [National Museum of Natural History]
http://www.inpn.mnhn.fr (Language: French)
National inventory of natural heritage. Taxonomy; TAXREF.

http://www.oreina.org/ (Language: French)
An association that publishes a quarterly magazine to promote the understanding of the butterflies and moths of France. Taxonomy, ecology and conservation.

http://www.proserpine.org (Language: French)
Butterflies of the Butterfly Gardens, at Digne-les-Bains

Lépidoptčres de France méridionale et de Corse
Southern France and Corsica, a comprehensive photographic site of butterflies with an extensive section on macro and micro moths.

GIRAZ [Zygaenidae]
http://www.giraz.fr/ (Language: French)
Organisation for information and research on Zygaenidae.

Zygčnes-mplr [Zygaenidae]
The site is an online version of the Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Midi-Pyrénées (CEN-MP) identification guide to the Burnet moths of the Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon.

Schmetterlinge im südlichen Sachsen-Anhalt(Gerd Lintzmeyer, Raum Zeitz)  
[Butterflies in southern Saxony - Anhalt]
http://www.gerd-lintzmeyer.homepage.t-online.de (Language: German)
Photos of many species and youtube video links to filmed butterflies

Portal für Schmetterlinge / Raupe
http://schmetterling-raupe.de/ (Language: German)
Species pages, photos of adults and early stages of butterflies and macro-moths. Ecological info. e.g. food plants, habitat.

Tagfalter monitoring .de [Butterfly monitoring in Germany]
http://www.tagfalter-monitoring.de/ (Language: German)

Tagfalter-Atlas Deutschland [Butterfly Atlas Germany]
http://www.ufz.de/tagfalter-atlas/(Language: German)
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
National butterfly atlas project (still in an early stage)

Schmetterlinge in Oberbayern und vielesmehr [Butterflies in Upper Bavaria and more]
http://www.tagschmetterlinge.de/ (Language: German)

Schmetterlinger und um Wildan und Berlin [Butterflies around Wildan and Berlin]
http://www.schmetterlingeinwildauundberlin.de/ (Language: German)

Ökologische Forschung und Planung Geyer & Dolek
http://www.geyer-und-dolek.de/ (Language: German)
Ecological research and planning. Field survey projects. Published articles and papers.
Dr. Matthias Dolek is leading collaborative work on Colias myrmidone (Danube Clouded Yellow) in Romania :  http://www.geyer-und-dolek.de/myrmidone_dreiframes.htm

The Butterflies of Greece (Simos Ichtiaroglou) *
Checklist and set specimens (short series for each species)

The Butterflies of Greece (Lazaros N. Pamperis)

Project Noah
Online recording of butterflies and moths in Greece.

Corfu Butterfly Conservation
https://corfu butterfly conservation.org/index.php
Corfu Butterfly Conservation is a project initiated by concerned residents, island visitors and scientists from all over the world.
From the 1st January 2021, Corfu BC is carrying out a five-year survey, culminating on 31st December 2025, with the ultimate aim of publishing the first comprehensive Corfu Butterfly Atlas. You can submit your records on the website.

Magyarország nagylepkéa Lepkehátárózó (József Lepkészeti)
[Guide to the butterflies and moths of Hungary] (Language: Hungarian)
Hungarian Lepidopterist Society

Farm Lator (Rob and Barbara de Jong)
Farm Lator is an eco-friendly farmhouse accommodation & campsite located in Northeastern Hungary, run by an English-speaking wildlife guide with a particular interest in Butterflies and very popular with European Butterflies Group members.

Irish butterflies [Irish butterflies, photo guide] (Adrian Phelan) *
Complete set of photos. Distribution maps.

Butterfly Ireland
Website of The Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club
Lots of photos, distribution maps, recording scheme.

ALI, l’Associazione Lepidotterologica Italiana
http://www.lepidoptera.life/ (Language: Italian)
A new NGO created to promote the study and conservation of Lepidoptera.
BCE partner for Italy.

Butterflies in Italy (Robin Fox)


Le farfalle della Puglia [The butterflies of Puglia, S. Italy]
https://sites.google.com/site/lefarfalledellapuglia/home (Language: Italian)

Lietuvos entomologų draugij [Lithuanian Entomological Society]
http://www.entomologai.lt/ (Language: Lithuanian)

VlindersKieken [Butterflies of Holland] (Henk Dikkema)
http://www.vlinderskieken.nl/(Language: Dutch)
Photo gallery

Lepidoptera Bergen [Norwegian moths and butterflies] *
Host plants, distribution maps, species pages.

Norges sommerfugler [Norwegian Butterflies](Natural History Museum) *
https://www.nhm.uio.no/english/research/collections/zoological/insect/lepidoptera/ (Language: Norwegian)

See under Scandinavia [Butterflies from Scandinavia] (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) (Lars Andersen)

Lepidoptera Poloniae [Butterflies and Moths of Poland]
http://lepidoptera.ksib.pl  (Languages: Polish, English)
A country-wide scientific project created within the Polish Biodiversity Information Network (KSIB), as a joint initiative of the University of Warsaw and the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS. Biodiversity map database for the Butterflies and Moths of Poland, including records from the "Distributional Atlas of Butterflies of Poland" (Buszko 1997)

Motyle dzienne okolic Krosna [Butterflies living in the area of Krosno] (B.& K. Gałązka)

Systematic list (93 of 148 species recorded from Poland). List links to some species pages, some with photos of adults.

Tagis [Butterfly Conservation Centre]
An environmental organisation dedicated to scientific research, science communication and the preservation of butterflies’ natural habitats.

Romanian Lepidopterological Society
http://www.lepidoptera.ro/english.htm (Language Romanian & English)
Publications 2021. The Lepidoptera of Romania: a Distributional Checklist 2021 and the Romanian Red List of Lepidoptera. The website  also contains information regarding the Natura 2000 Site “Eastern Cluj Hills”.  Prof. dr. László Rákosy, the President of the Romanian Lepidopterological Society was awarded the Marsh European Lepidoptera Award in 2017.

Butterflies of Romania (Vlad Dinca)

Species pages for all Romanian species. Photos of many species. Some habitat photos. Information on distribution, habitat and conservation status only for a few species so far.

Ökologische Forschung und Planung Geyer & Dolek
http://www.geyer-und-dolek.de/ (Language: German)
Dr. Matthias Dolek is leading collaborative work on Colias myrmidone (Danube Clouded Yellow) in Romania :  http://www.geyer-und-dolek.de/myrmidone_dreiframes.htm

Butterflies from Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) (Lars Andersen)
http://www.danske-natur.dk/indexsyveng.html (Language: Danish)
Species listed by family. Link from each species to species pages which include many photographs (enlargeable), photos of habitat, food plants.

HabiProt [Association for sustainable development and habitat protection]
http://www.habiprot.org.rs (Languages: Serbian, English)
On-line recording scheme "Alciphron" http://www.alciphron.habiprot.org.rs/ (Language: Serbian)

Butterflies of Serbia (Milan Djuric)
Checklist, small photos and status information.

Motýle Slovenska [Slovakian Butterfly Website]
Mapping butterflies of Slovakia.

Butterflies of Slovenia *

Butterflies of Catalonia *

National association for the protection of butterflies and moths and their habitats in Spain.

Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
http://www.catalanbms.org/ (Language: Catalan)
Catalan recording scheme. Possibility to download volumes of the journal cynthia.

Euskadi [Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, Basque Country, Spain]

Montes de Valsain
The website has an section for the butterflies of Valsaín and Sierra de Guadarrama (Segovia and Madrid, Spain), with identification tips and keys for every family of diurnal butterflies.
In Spanish, with scientific names.

Svenskadag fjärilar och nattfjärilar [Swedish butterflies and moths] (Magnus Unger) *
(Also macro and microlepidoptera)
Photos. Species pages. Distribution maps. Food plants for each species.

Svenska fjärilar [Swedish Butterflies]
(also includes micro and macro-moths)
Site under development. Systematic list of Swedish Lepidoptera. Of the butterflies only Hesperiidae have species pages so far, these have photos of adults and a distribution map for each species.

Svensk Dagfjärilsövervakning [Swedish Butterfly monitoring scheme]
The Swedish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme is a national monitoring programme, coordinated by Lund University, for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.  

CSCF-karch | Distribution of species (Switzerland) *
Type in species and get excellent detailed distribution map (Switzerland), photos of adult, conservation status.

Papillons de Suisse (Michel Baudraz, Vincent Baudraz) *
http://www.lepido.ch/ (Language: French)
Excellent photos. Identification. An extract from the Guide d'identification des papillons de jour de Suisse can be consulted here: https://lepido.ch/identifier-un-papillon/cle-didentification/

Die Schmetterlinge der Schweiz [The butterflies of Switzerland]
(Lepidoptera Working Group Switzerland)
http://www.schmetterlinge.ch/ (Language: German)
Site under construction, only some of the Papilionidae represented.

DKM: Doğa Koruma Merkezi [Nature Conservation Centre]
IUCN approved Red List of Turkey’s butterflies, a candidate list of Turkey’s Prime Butterfly Areas (PBA’s) and a national Butterfly Conservation Strategy.

Kelebek Türk [Butterflies of Antalya, Turkey] (Olcay Yeğin)
http://www.kelebek-turk.com (Language: Turkish)
Photographs of 377 of the 414 species, from the 9 families to be found in Turkey, taken by Turkish butterfly enthusiasts.
Select 'Arama' (Search) on the home page. From the ‘Tür’ (Species) menu select the species (listed in Latin) you wish to see photos of. (Tümü means All). At the bottom of the screen click ‘Arama Yap’ (Make Search).

AdaMerOs  [Butterflies of Turkey]
The Butterfly Monitoring and Photography Society of Turkey.

UK Butterflies
A comprehensive site covering mainly British Butterflies, which has a forum and articles that also covers European Butterflies.

БабочкиХарьковскойобласти, Украина [Butterflies of Kharkov Region, Ukraine] (Eugene Karolinskiy)
Please note that there may be a publicity banner of 20 seconds before accessing the site.

Musée promenade [Jardin des papillons: Digne-les-Bains] (France)
http://s563792708.siteweb-initial.fr/%C3%A0-d%C3%A9couvrir/sentier-des-papillons/ (Language: French)

Parcs nationaux de France
Discover the National Parks of France.

Réserves naturelles de France
http://www.reserves-naturelles.org/liste-par-region (Language: French)
Discover the Nature Reserves of France. (Example below: Lavours)

Réserve Naturelle de Lavours (France)
http://www.reserve-lavours.com/(Language: French)

Parcs naturels régionaux de France (France)
https://www.parcs-naturels-regionaux.fr/les-parcs/decouvrir-les-58-parcs (Language: French)
Discover the 58 Regional Natural Parks.

LEPIDIGI Butterflies of Europe and the Tropics. (Peter Bygate - European Butterflies Group)
Photographs of the butterflies of Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, with moth pages for Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Butterfly Photography | Butterfly Dreams. Butterfly Photography in Europe and further afield. (Pete Smith  - European Butterflies Group)
Pete's website contains a selection of his favourite European butterfly images and experiences from the past two decades.  Please click on the individual photographs to read the text, and to enjoy the superb images at full screen.

Butterfly Photography. (Yealand Kalfayan - European Butterflies Group)
This is a  new website (2023) with a selection of Yealand's butterfly images taken from both within the UK and his travels in Europe. There are four galleries of which two show images of butterflies and moths. The first includes images that are essentially portraits of adult butterflies and moths. The second shows aspects of butterfly behaviour. There is a third gallery with photographs of immature stages. The final gallery is dedicated to wildflowers.

Torsten van de Heyden

Entomological information.

Learn about Butterflies

Wildlife films by Paul Wetton
This website shows the wildlife film productions of Paul Wetton, including:
Searching for Butterflies in Northern Spain
Searching for Butterflies in South West Switzerland
Searching for Butterflies in Southern Bulgaria

Le Maroc des papillons [The butterflies of Morocco](Jean Delacre & Michel Tarrier).
http://www.jdelacre.be/Jean/Maroc.html (Language: French)

Also by Jean Delacre
Les Rhopalocčres du Parc Naturel d’Ifrane
http://www.jdelacre.be/Rhopaloceres/index.html (Language : French)

Butterflies of North, Central, and South America

Butterflies of Cuba

Costa Rica
Butterflies and Moths of Costa Rica (Heiner Ziegler)

Butterflies of Ecuador

Butterflies of India

Neotropical Butterflies

Butterflies of the Caucasus region and the south of Russia with many photos and early stages . Tikhonov V.V., Stradomsky B.V., Kuznetsov G.V., Andreev S.A.

South Asia 
Flutters. [Guide to the butterflies of the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia] (Kishen Das)
A group of naturalists with a special interest in Lepidoptera and their conservation.The main focus is on South Asian butterflies and moths of the Indian subcontinent.

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