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Butterfly Identification Service

Send us your photographs of butterflies for identification.

Click on PhotoID and attach your photographs as JPEG files. No more than 2 per email. Please only send us photos of EUROPEAN BUTTERFLIES.

Ideally we would like an upperside shot and an underside shot of the same butterfly. Taken in the wild is preferred but held between finger and thumb is better than a photo through a glass or plastic box. Please indicate if two photos are of the same butterfly.

Please also tell us:
  • WHERE e.g. Location (nearest town or village), Country and preferably a GPS coordinate using Latitude and Longitude e.g. N4641'13.21" E02332'47.22" . Please also add the nearest region or town or city so we can locate it more easily.
  • WHEN e.g. date as DD/MM/YYYY
  • ALTITUDE in metres
  • WHO - Your name, are you an European Butterflies Group member?
  • WHAT - Tell us what you think it is. We recommend Tristan Lafranchis 'Butterflies of Europe' for identification.
  1. Especially in summer you won't necessarily get an answer straight away. We often refer our initial opinion and your email to colleagues for confirmation.
  2. For very difficult species and group eg Pyrgus skippers we usually need upperside and underside photos.
  3. Try to only send us good photos.
  4. Select only photographs where you really need assistance. We cannot really cope with lots of low magnification photos of common species. Send us a few of your best shots to start with but say you have more.
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